Dutch stores

Different countries have different stores selling different things. For example, you will not find a drugstore selling alcohol in the Netherlands.

Sometimes it’s just nice to know up front where you’ll be able to get your necessities! Therefore; here’s a couple of stores and what you can expect to buy there…


Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn is one of the most common Dutch supermarkets. You’ll find your daily produce, dairy, and almost all other types of food here. Most Albert Heijns have an aisle dedicated to pet food/care, self-care and magazines as well.

If you come across an Albert Heijn To Go, you’ve found a smaller version of this store, often found in railway stations. These are intended for quick shopping, needing a snack on the road, etc. Most of these have self check-out as well.



Jumbo is equally as common as the Albert Heijn, you can find just about the same type of products here. (fresh produce, packaged goods, necessities, petfood, self-care, cleaning supplies, etc..)



The Aldi is generally seen as a budget-supermarket with a limited assortment of goods. You’ll be able to find necessities as food, but also certain gadgets.



One of the most common drugstores in the Netherlands would be the Kruidvat. Here you’ll find a great assortment of stuff to take care of your body and health. You’ll be able to find makeup, vitamins, store-bought medication, baby supplies, shower products, small wearable items, and more (way more).



The Etos is, quite like the Jumbo and Albert Heijn, very similar to Kruidvat. It has a similar array of products and is quite equally popular.



Trekpleister is a drugstore with, once again, a similar array of products as the other drugstores. Trekpleister brands itself as being the most advantageous.







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