Behind the scenes at (the build of) 7

We all have to start somewhere, right? Back when our rooms were empty, and our hallways were deserted; this is what the hotel looked like.

No signage, just an old office-building no-one had any interest in…


Our living room without the columns, the color (notice the ceiling!), and the floor was yet to be poured.


The hallways often looked like this. We kept the doors open with whatever we could find just so we could work from room-to-room quickly. Also, there’d not been any lights installed so it would get rather dark with the doors shut.


Our elevators and doors before they got their makeover looked so sad! Our elevators are our pride and joy, they bring the entire building up to the next level! (get it?)


Check out our older Instagram posts for the process up until today!



Hotel, Notel
Volmerlaan 7
2288GC Rijswijk

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