31 Oct

5 best destinations around Stay at 7

We have no idea why you would ever want to leave the hotel, but fine. Here are the five best destinations to visit when leaving…

26 Sep


Good news! We are working hard on finishing the hotel and we will do the ‘soft opening’ soon! That means that the rooms will be…

23 Aug

How cool is this?

We recently pimped all the elevators at Stay at 7! They are all in the same style but the floors have different colours. Also the…

30 Jul

Street art at Stay at 7

How cool is this? Streetartist Micha Debie made this beautiful artwork on the left side of the building next to the parkinglot. It’s based on…

14 Jun

Stay at 7 opening soon!

Stay at 7 will open soon! Stay tuned for more info.

Hotel, Notel
Volmerlaan 7
2288GC Rijswijk

+31 (0) 6 86 89 01 85

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