24 Jan

It’s the LAW!!!

Ever been amazed by other countries’ laws? In Singapore, for example, it is apparently forbidden to chew gum in the streets. It ain’t even sold…

17 Jan

Dutch stores

Different countries have different stores selling different things. For example, you will not find a drugstore selling alcohol in the Netherlands. Sometimes it’s just nice…

10 Jan

Behind the scenes at (the build of) 7

We all have to start somewhere, right? Back when our rooms were empty, and our hallways were deserted; this is what the hotel looked like….

3 Jan

Locals’ favorites

More and more tourists want to know where and what the locals like to do, see, eat or drink. They, as inhabitants of the city…

28 Dec

Top 5 must-have apps for traveling (through) the Netherlands

Okay, so certain apps are rather obvious to own when traveling, such as Google maps and (perhaps slightly less obvious) Google translate. However, there are…

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