It’s the LAW!!!

Ever been amazed by other countries’ laws? In Singapore, for example, it is apparently forbidden to chew gum in the streets. It ain’t even sold in any of the stores! This has a very obvious reason; keeping the streets clean. This made us wonder… What might be some (weird) Dutch laws we are unaware of…?


  1. Riding a bicycle is as common as it can be in the Netherlands. You do not have to wear a helmet, however without the proper front- and backlighting you can be fined. (So…you must practice safety, but don’t over-do it..?)

  2. It is legal to smoke, buy and carry cannabis up to 5 grams, but otherwise illegal to sell, grow or distribute. Note: it is illegal to buy cannabis off the street, the only way of buying it legally is in coffee shops (but only if you’re over 18).

  3.  Every first Monday of the month, at 12 (noon) on the dot, the national air-alarms are set off. For a minute and a half, the piercing sound resonates throughout the country as the alarm system is being tested.

  4. Guns are illegal to own to civilians; only police, military, hunters and target-shooters are allowed to own guns (under the extremely strict list of rules).

  5. From the age of 14, you must be able to provide a valid identification document to law enforcement authorities upon request.

  6. From the age of 18, you are legal to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages as well as cigarettes. A shop can, however, refuse to sell you these substances if you fail to provide a valid identification document.

  7. Entering a nature reserve between dusk and dawn is often not allowed, and you might face a fine if you do!

  8. Dogs in Rotterdam are (apparently) not allowed to bark (?!). We think this is to keep people from not raising their animals properly, but still. Apparently authorities are not as strict on enforcing this rule as dogs, being dogs, are expected to bark.

  9. In Groningen, street musicians are limited to practicing their instruments (in one spot) for a maximum of 30 minutes.

  10. In Amsterdam, it is forbidden for home- and shop owners to place doormats outside their front door.

  11. You may ab-so-lutely not rob someone of their freedom. Not even if they were a burglar who broke into your home which you managed to lock into the bathroom. Seriously, you could get into as much trouble as they were doing this…

  12. In Haarlem, it is forbidden to feed the seagulls.

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