18 Dec

Dutch for Dummies

By Dutch For Dummies Useful Dutch Expressions Hallo! Hallo! (hah-low) Hi! Hoi! (hoy) / Hi! (hay) Good morning! Goedemorgen! (khoo-der-mor-khern) Good afternoon! Goedemiddag! (khoo-der-mi-dakh) Good…

3 Dec

The Hague Online

Many old cities can be quite a maze to find information about. Hundreds of websites trying to tell you theirs is most important… Therefore, we’d…

27 Nov

History of Rijswijk

Rijswijk was built in the Dutch coastal area that used to belong to the river delta. The oldest traces of human occupation date from 3500…

22 Nov

Travel tips for staying in Rijswijk

So, you’re planning on coming to Rijswijk? Great idea! We have lots for you to see, especially in our neighboring city The Hague. You can…

31 Oct

5 best destinations around Stay at 7

We have no idea why you would ever want to leave the hotel, but fine. Here are the five best destinations to visit when leaving…

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