Top 5 must-have apps for traveling (through) the Netherlands

Okay, so certain apps are rather obvious to own when traveling, such as Google maps and (perhaps slightly less obvious) Google translate. However, there are some apps only relevant in specific situations; such as a journey to a different country.

Here’s a short list of the 5 most important apps to download before you’re coming to The Netherlands/ The Hague.



1. 9292

This app will help you get from point A to B by public transport. Whether its a bus, tram or train, it will provide you with your best options and information necessary.



2. TCH

Uber may be your app-of-choice to get around on your own accord. However, it’s always nice to have another option just in case there’s no uber around. By this app, you can order yourself a taxi just as easily as you would an Uber.



3. The app of the airport you are traveling to/from

By downloading the app belonging to the airport (e.g. Schiphol) or airline (E.g. KLM) you’re flying with, you can check-in online, check your schedule, get updated on delays, download your boarding pass, etcetera. Altogether, it might just make your traveling experience a whole lot smoother.



4. Buienradar

Dutch weather can be treacherous. Therefore this app (translated to rain radar) can help you decide on whether you should bring an umbrella or not. It provides you with other weather-related information (apart from rainfall) such as temperature, wind force, and solar power as well.




5. Thuisbezorgd

Thuisbezorgd is directly translated to ‘home-delivered’. You basically decide on what kind of food you’d like, from which restaurant, where you want it delivered and when. You can pay through the app, or in cash upon delivery.

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