The perfect place for tourists, young professionals and students! Short and extended Stay!

Stay at 7

We are here for tourists, young professionals and students. With 148 rooms, for short and extended stay, we are the perfect place to stay.

We offer a fully decorated home away from home where guests can be social, meet new people, eat, drink and become part of a family. Our community brings people together from all walks of life, through great coffee and various common rooms for our guests.

Our industrial rooms are functional ad unique, which create an aesthetic from old to new through pops of color and design.

Hygiene, functionality, and design are standards that make the long-stay hotel an inviting and accessible space that embraces change and the people who come to stay with us.

We find it important that our guests can readily eat, sleep, work/study and repeat.



Small room

A room so cozy and nice. A room for the small budgets. But don’t underestimate the 15m2. The bigger the bed, the better the dreams! Therefor this small room is filled with a handmade comfy bed! Enjoy the warm rain shower. You like some me-time, this room is perfect for your own get away. In need of some together time? Come to our Eat & Chill downstairs and make friends in no time. The room has a shower, toilet, WiFi and a large storage under the bed. Feel at home.


  • Private bathroom with rain shower, washbasin and toilet
  • Comfy single handmade bed
  • Storage underneath the bed
  • Free super fast Wifi
  • Best Pillows in the world
  • Paid laundry facilities


This room is for world citizens who like to travel light. The bigger the bed, the better the dreams! Therefore this medium room offers a comfy double bed. For socializing and dinnertime, you are in the Eat & Chill downstairs in no-time! But for a quietmoment, you can chill in your room. Your room is a cozy 23 m² and includes a big, comfy bed, mini-fridge, your own desk to work on and a private bathroom with a shower, washbasin and toilet. What else do you need for your stay?


  • Private bathroom with rain shower, washbasin and toilet
  • Comfy double handmade bed
  • Storage underneath the bed
  • Mini fridge
  • Free super fast Wifi
  • Best Pillows in the world
  • Paid laundry facilities


Want some luxury during your stay? Like it big? This spacious room has everything you need. A kingsize bed to have a good night of rest, a huge rain shower, a bathtub to relax after a long day of work, lots of space, long story short: this is what you want! Your room is a comfortable 45 m².


  • The best boxspring bed ever
  • Mini Fridge
  • Cozy chair and small side table + desk
  • Little chill area
  • Best pillows in the world
  • Enough storages for all you pairs of shoes (and clothes)
  • Deluxe open bathroom with rain shower, washbasin and toilet
  • Soft chairs for hard workers
  • Freestanding bath
  • Danceable floor

Eat&Chill at 7

Our living room. A place where you come together and make new best friends.

A place where everything is possible and nothing is impossible. We are currently working on a restaurant where meals are prepared for you all day and the best coffees can be ordered.

The place to sit down and enjoy your meal alone or together with others.

Our common areas are a place where you can beat your neighbor with table football.

Come as our guest, leave as our friend!

Long stay information

Stay at 7 is a hotel where we combine luxury student rooms with luxury hotel rooms. We offer students an international environment and a full-service solution. Guests can stay with us from one night up till one year. Everything is about connecting and learning from each other.

Combine innovation and comfort with sheer love for comfort and travel.

A place for travelers, students, professionals, and inspired locals to connect, let’s fly higher together. Make friends in the Chill-area, watch a movie in our cinema or take some rest in your room. Everything is possible!

Let’s dance the night away.

Looking for more information?

If you want more information about Stay At 7, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Come as a guest, leave as a friend!