Stay at 7, the perfect place for short and extended stay in The Hague area

We have a soft opening from the 15th of October, we try to make your stay as comfortable as possible, but we also would love to hear your feedback to make our services even better! Book a room and be one of our first guests!


Why is it that most people don’t feel at home in a hotel? Maybe it is because nobody really lives there.If nobody calls it their home, then nobody will treat it that way either. It’ll end up being just a functional space with no soul. Used for a night… then instantly forgotten.

We believe that this is not how most people want to travel, that business travellers are looking for pleasure as well. That doing business works better when you can connect
– not just to the internet, but also to the locals and their culture.

That’s why we invite you to mingle with our neighbours and residents. Yes, it’s true. There’s people really living here. For months or more. And you can live here too. Even if it’s just for a couple of nights.