Come as a guest, leave as a friend!

Why is it that most people don’t feel at home in a hotel? Maybe it is because nobody really lives there.
If nobody calls it their home, then nobody will treat it that way either. It’ll end up being just a functional space with no soul.
Used for a night… then instantly forgotten.
We believe that this is not how most people want to travel, that business travellers are looking for pleasure as well. That doing business works better when you can connect
– not just to the internet, but also to the locals and their culture.
That’s why we invite you to mingle with our neighbours and residents. Yes, it’s true. There’s people really living here. For months or more. And you can live here too. Even if it’s just for a couple of nights.
Have your room as big as you want. Whether you book a full suite or a budget option, we encourage you to come downstairs.
Our hotel may have no televisions,
but our living room is ready for you.
Are you here to work late hours?
We’ll find you a desk or even a meeting room
where you can create your own quiet comfort zone.
For if you want to work hard, you don’t always have to play hard. You just have to live a little.
Are you prepared to call it a day?
Feel free to slip off your shoes, just like the other residents. Step into a yoga class or put your feet up to play a board game. Join us at the table for a generous meal. And a drink, or two. Hit the bar before you hit the sack.
At the end of the day,
we want to thank you for finding us. You are welcome, too.
Want to join an event? Join a yoga class on Friday or get a haircut on Sunday? Sign up for one of the events @ 7!
When are we going to meet? On the next Friday drinks event at the bar? Or at the Sunday Summer roast on the parkinglot? We can’t wait! #stayat7 #be7 #comeasaguestleaveasafriend
Meet new people, enjoy a bite and drink together and make memories forever. That’s what Stay @ 7 is all about!